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Communitas Leader Resources

Wheel Assessment – This tool is used to help your group determine a direction of study. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: Wheel Assessment

Nine Characteristics of Discipleship – Used in conjunction with the wheel assessment to help your group identify areas of growth. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: Nine Characteristics of Discipleship

Curriculum Options –  GPC offers multiple study options for each group.  These studies align with both the wheel assessment and the nine characteristics of discipleship. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: Small Group Curriculum Options

CORE FOUR Refresher – Community, Live Missionally, Discipleship, and Develop Leaders are the four things our groups are about. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: Core Four Refresher

7 Suggestions for Child Care for Communitas Groups – Often one of our biggest challenges is children.  Can they be a part of the group?  If not, then what? CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: 7 Suggestions for Child Care for Communitas Groups

Spiritual Health Assessment –  A simple yet challenging look at what God may be doing in the lives of your group members. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: Spiritual Health Assessment



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