Staff_Photo_web_Mike_McDanielPersonal Touch” is a phrase that I believe characterizes Grace Point Church.

“Personal” because we seek to know the heartbeat of the community and the people in it. “Touch” because after knowing the heartbeat we take a hands-on approach to being among the people and ministering to them. However, if the two words are separated they lose their meaning. “Personal” without “touch” is about a person, but has no love. “Touch” without “personal” rubs shoulders, but does not care.

At Grace Point we love to care about our people and the people in the community through a “Personal Touch.”

I want to personally invite you to come and experience the POINT! Be sure to send me a personal message below if you have questions.




Mike McDaniel, Grace Point Church Lead Pastor



Interview the pastor…

Q: How is Grace Point Church Different?
A: I like to emphasize the “difference.” We do not think we are better than our sister churches. We are simply and purposefully different. For a more detailed description, people should review the mission statement I wrote during an extended time of praying and seeking the Lord. The mission statement is called The Grace Point Difference. In short, we want to be a church where people know, experience, and live in the full grace of God everyday of their life. We should all live life to the maximum abundance that God desires for us.

Q: How do you feel that you can relate to the people of Northwest Arkansas?
A: This is a great question because I really feel like I can relate to those that have been in Northwest Arkansas all their lives and those that are new to the community. I grew up in Rogers, and it’s my hometown. The community atmosphere that it has is something that I deeply love and want to preserve. But I’ve also been away from Northwest Arkansas for several years now and I know the mixture of feelings that come with transitioning. I’ve been gone and it’s good to be back home pastoring among a people that I truly love.

Q: How have your international experiences prepared you to start and pastor Grace Point Church?
A: My family and I lived in Zambia, Africa for four years. There we were catalysts for the starting of churches among a tribal people. This was an incredible task. Consequently, I spent over two years intently studying the Book of Luke and the Book of Acts in the Bible. Luke’s accurate and detailed account of Jesus’ life and ministry became my model for life and ministry. The early church in Acts became my vision for the churches that we helped to start in Africa. Living outside of America and looking back in, my heart became burdened for the churches in America. Living in Africa prepared me to prayerfully start and pastor a church that is a pure model of what the New Testament church was intended to be.

Q: What role do your wife and family play in your life and ministry?
A: My wife, Lori, is the love of my life and my children run a close second. Lori and I started dating as juniors at Rogers High and have been together ever since. She adds great value to the church and to my life. My family is my priority. Not only am I a pastor, but I am also a husband and father; I love my family and am committed to them.


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