Jesus said, “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.”

Woven into the fabric of Grace Point Church is a strategic involvement in global development. We have partnerships with international representatives around the world. We desire to partner with representatives through prayer, financial support and participating in volunteer joint ventures. Grace Point Church will continue to have a Global focus until every last person has had the opportunity to hear of God’s love for them through Jesus Christ.


fifyloewen-families-davises--5DAREN AND SHAWNA DAVIS are some of the global field representatives whom we support through our Global Missions fund, which assists mission efforts in Arkansas and around the world. GIVE NOW to help us take the name of Christ to the nations.

After serving for 10 years as church planters among the Lozi people in Zambia Daren and Shawna were asked to provide leadership and direct strategy for the Church Planters working among the unreached people groups of the  Kingdom 2 Kingdom (K2) Cluster.  For the past 5 years they have provided strategy and supervision to over 40 missionaries targeting people groups in Lesotho, northern South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and western Zambia. SIGN UP to receive the Davis’s newsletter.



Grace Point People On Mission

A  family from Grace Point recently moved to a location in South Asia which has the highest population percentage of Muslims in the world. It’s not a safe location for Christians, so we ask that you join us in prayer support as they make their home among the residents, try to establish a business base for income, and begin the long, slow process of establishing relationships that we pray will lead to the establishment of a church body. Please watch this space for more information and prayer needs.


  • Pray for  His will and His favor to be revealed and that we will be sensitive to it. There is a new President in office since the last time our visas were renewed.    We are looking for someone to help us with language. Pray for a committed person.
  • Pray the people will see us as locals.
  • Pray we will to be sensitive to why we are here and not get caught up on our needs or wants.



If you are a team leader, you will find all necessary forms by clicking the button below. A password is required to access the files. If you have not been provided a password, please contact us: CLICK HERE


Grace Point’s current Global Developments include:

South Asia


Up-coming Global Adventures

October 2nd – 12th, 2014 – Mike McDaniel

2015 Global Adventures

January 2015 – Randy Willis

March Spring Break 2015 – TBD

Come be a part of the front lines and witness true transformation first-hand!

In October, 2013, a team of 8 people from Grace Point traveled to South Asia to see where God is at work and how GPC might join Him in two widely disparate areas, human trafficking and the discipleship of church leaders.

We discovered that the ministry to those being trafficked is potentially vast and far-reaching.  The organization GPC can partner with does not see their ministry as separate from church planting.  Their goal is that all will have heard, including women in the red light districts and that the ministry will lead to the establishment of small house churches – penetrating the darkness with the Gospel, which will lead to transformation.

The discipleship opportunity it equally exciting – training volunteer church leaders to share the Gospel, teach and train new believers to replicate themselves, and start planting generations of churches.  During our visit, one group of 18 leaders had, in the prior 30 days, shared the Gospel personally with 250+ people and saw almost 40 accept baptism, an indication of the strength of their new-found faith.  One church was planted when 12 people in the same village all decided to follow Jesus.


South Africa

March, 2014

We had a team of 25 committed followers of Christ who went to love, encourage, inspire, and serve 50+ missionaries working across southern Africa.  The missionaries from eight countries came together for fellowship, worship, rest, and training.  They brought 34 youth, and 117 children 0 to 11. These missionary families live in large urban areas and in remote isolated villages.  Some live on islands in the Indian Ocean – this may be their only trip off the island in 2014.





Up-coming Global Adventure to Cambodia:

July 4 – 13th, 2014 – Mindy Becker (Full)

The team will be ministering to and through an orphanage to the surrounding community, team members will have the opportunity to teach and help orphans while helping establish new church plants in the neighboring villages via 1-on-1 evangelism opportunities in concert with existing churches.  Full training and preparation will be provided.



June 2013

GPC has been involved with a ministry in Peru for three years.  In 2013, FORGE High School Ministry took a group of Juniors and Seniors to Lima, Peru and surrounding areas.  The trip was focused in two areas:  1) Planning, promoting, and executing a ONE Weekend type conference for Peruvian Teenagers in Northern Peru.  2) Working with area churches by serving and encouraging them as well as doing evangelism and leading services in the surrounding communities.

West Africa



Up-coming Global Adventures:

September 18 – 28th, 2014 – Randy Willis

October 23rd – November 2nd, 2014 – Lori McDaniel

November 20th – 30th, 2014 – Aubrey  Barton

December 26th -January 5th, 2014 – Daniel Ellis

2015 Global Adventures:

January 29th -February 8, 2015 – Stacy Ash

February 16-27, 2015- Mike McDaniel

March Spring Break 2015 – Caleb Gabriele


September 2013

A team of four people made their way to Ben-village to renew relationships (due to civil unrest, GPC had not been able to send a team to West Africa in 12 months) and share the Gospel via Bible-storying. The dozens of villagers that came to hear Creation-to-Christ, personal testimonies, and stories of the exodus of God’s people from Egypt, clearly heard God’s story and how He chooses to intersect and interject Himself into the lives of people.

It was apparent at the end of the trip that a majority of the village had heard the gospel over the past two years GPC has been going there.  They have a handful of believers in the village, a circuit pastor, and access to a Nigerian missionary, so we “asked for the road” and will be moving on to other villages that have not heard the Gospel.



September 2013
A team of eight people traveled to Zambia to minister to both the orphans, the orphanage workers, and men in nearby villages.  The primary purpose of the trip was to conduct a three-day men’s retreat, using the story of Joseph, but, as usually happens, God had additional assignments for our team.The first two days saw two funerals – one of which was for a cult member whose relative is member of the church there.   One of our team members shared the Gospel at the funeral and many heard the message of salvation for the first time.The team served the orphanage with some manual labor while others conducted the men’s conference.
Two men gave their lives to Christ during the conference and five more shortly thereafter.After using the first two teams to raise up buildings, God used this team to raise up believers.  We can only imagine what God will do in the future through this investment in Kingdom work. 

GPC History with New Day Orphanage:

In May of 2010, a group of 15 people from GPC went on a Global Adventure to Mapanza, Zambia as the first American team to be part of the construction of what is now New Day Orphanage.  When we arrived at New Day, it was just a field in the middle of the bush with one partially erected building.

Each morning would start with very early breakfast, a devotional time (with our team plus the crowd of 100+ Zambians listening to God’s Word), followed by working on the buildings, lunch break, then work until sun was going down late afternoon. When the workday was done, we had much needed “bush showers” (think cold water!), a big supper, music, sharing and prayer time in evenings around a campfire.

Our ladies swept bricks and hauled water, and conducted the first women’s conference in the African bush, sharing Bible stories, crafts, snacks, and testimonies with Zambian women who came for a few hours each afternoon.  Meanwhile, our men had lots of foundation work and hundreds upon hundreds of handmade bricks to lay.  They men worked all day alongside about 100 Zambian men who showed up each day for paid work. One group worked on trusses, another on laying block walls, and another helped run power lines.  One building was finished and half the walls set on another for future teams.

By time we left, it was absolutely amazing to see the progress in just one week and to see the several buildings that had taken shape! We had a huge feast the last day and fed the crowd of over 100 a big celebration lunch of chicken and goats. We were blessed to end our Global Adventure by visiting Livingston and seeing the beautiful Victoria Falls. We asked a Zambian friend/pastor to give a sermon and had “church” beside the roaring waterfall of God’s creation. We were all so blessed to all be a part of helping with starting the buildings and starting to plant the seeds of God’s Word.

Our second trip in August of 2011 was construction-oriented but we also joined in the discipling ministry that the New Day founders, Blu and Darbi Tidwell, had started.  There had been many changes at New Day since our previous trip. There were now 11 buildings, six orphans, ten employees, a school and a new church plant. Kalenga, the cook, had taken on the role of worship leader and part-time pastor of the new church.

Besides the new construction we did, the men of our team took turns leading devotions each morning with the Zambians. The ladies lead sewing classes and helped at the school.  In the evenings, we would gather for testimonies and worship.  During our visit, the new church plant had its first five baptisms and two new orphans came to New Day. This trip was as rewarding as the first from a construction standpoint and amazingly more from the ministry side.

To see how far New Day has come since 2010, visit:

Field Representative home under construction