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EDEN TO ETERNITY: 40 Molas from the San Bas Islands, opens November 5 in the Story Gallery at Grace Point Church, from the collection of Sandra and Bob Bowden.

A continuation of our international textile emphasis following the recent African Wax-Print exhibition, these 40 stunning molas originate from the Cuna people group of the San Blas Islands off the coast of Panama.

The designs tell the story of the Bible, from the Garden of Eden to the Ascension of Christ. Molas are panels of reversed embroidery originally applied to the front and back of the Cuna women’s blouses. Each mola is a beautifully designed interpretation of biblical stories with whimsical treatments and tender insights.

The mola panel consists of several layers of different colored cloth, usually red, orange and black, which are stitched together and on which designs are created by cutting out portions of the top layers to expose the colors of the lower layers. This is called reverse applique. In addition, the mola artists usually embellish the top layer with direct applique, often in several layers and in a variety of stitches to create an even richer surface.


Eden to Eternity: 40 molas from the San Blas Islands off the coast of Panama
November 5–January 7

Global Eye II: Photographs, Art, and Artifacts from Global Adventures
January 8–February 11, 2018

Ecce Homo: Behold the Man: images of Christ dating from the early 17th century to contemporary works
February 18–April 15, 2018

Dick Davison: Drawings and Paintings
April 22–June 10, 2018

Ink: The Photography of Susanna Bailey
June 17–August 12, 2018

NWA Student Exhibition: Students from area schools, Grade 8 through College
2017-2018 School Year (Dates to be announced)


THE STORY GALLERY was mentioned in an article published in the September, 2017 edition of the AFA Journal: CLICK HERE to read.

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