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World Race: The Photography of Justin Becker
June 11–July 23, 2017

Charting a course, one globe at a time. 

Justin Becker is 26 years old, born and raised in Owasso, Oklahoma and (other than his college years) has lived in the same home since birth. He directly correlates his desire for travel to his “unchanging living situation.” Justin says, “I first traveled overseas at the age of 16 to Uganda and have been fixated on it ever since. I returned to Uganda five more times and made a couple trips to Juarez, but realized I needed something more, right around the time I heard about the World Race. That was in 2011 and I immediately committed. In 2016 I did it, but by that point it was much more than a desire to travel doing God’s work, it was the fulfillment of a dream and calling.”

The January 2016 launch of the World Race: Expedition Route was the first of it’s kind, a pioneering trip designed to reclaim the original World Race, and pave the way for others to do the same. The purpose was to take the Good News to the 10/40 Window, where it is least known, shared, and accepted. Instead of shying away from the Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu populations, who are certainly the most challenging to reach, World Race participants head straight to them to figure out how best to connect and love and share the love of God, planting seeds that others may harvest.

“We set out to travel the world to build relationships and to love,” he says. “That was accomplished, and abundantly more. We were taught how to create and experience community in the purest sense. We saw and experienced hundreds of healings firsthand. We encouraged those already in-country who have committed their lives to this cause and we witnessed the salvation of many souls.”

What was Justin’s takeaway from this incredible journey? “I have now been to 18 countries,” he says, “and there is one thing I know they all have in common: the Kingdom of God is at work in every single one.”

As you look at the photographs and read the stories, put yourself in Justin’s well-worn shoes and open yourself to God’s perspective on the cultures and people that await the Gospel. And let us ask you the question we ask everyone at Grace Point: Where will your footprints be found?




Registration is open.

For ages 6-15, July 24-28, 2017, 9:00am to noon

Cost: $65 per camper

Contact: if you have questions

Our theme this year is “Around the World,” and we’ll complete these projects:

• “Rainforest Bird” – (South America) drawing, painting
• “Batik Animal or Mask” – (Africa) batik on cloth
• “Egyptian Mummy Mask” – (Africa) multi media
• “Klimt Portrait” – (Europe) multi media, gold leaf
• “Clay Tile Masterpieces and Origami” – (Asia) clay form, paper folding
• “Kell Letters” – (Ireland) – drawing, calligraphy, aluminum relief

There will be three class sessions per day, plus a recreation and snack time.



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July 24–28, 2017

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July 28–August 27, 2017

NWA Student Exhibition: Students from area schools, Grade 8 through College
September–October, 2017

Eden to Eternity: 40 molas from the San Blas Islands off the coast of Panama
November 5–January 7

Global Eye II: Photographs, Art, and Artifacts from Global Adventures
January 8–February 11, 2018

Ecce Homo: Behold the Man: images of Christ dating from the early 17th century to contemporary works
February 18–April 15, 2018


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