Grace Point’s next Baptism will be held on Sunday, June 7 as part of our annual Strategy Meeting.

If you previously registered for the April 5 baptism, please contact to discuss the new date.

Please register below if you wish to discuss baptism with a pastor.

We invite anyone who has not been baptized by immersion* following their salvation to take part as a testimony to your faith in Christ and your identification with Grace Point Church.

Why be baptized?

Baptism by any form has no power in itself, but it is a strong statement about your beliefs and that you are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ. It’s like a wedding ring, a symbol that shows others that you are fully committed to your husband or wife. One person said, “If I could be baptized every Sunday, I would do it, just so more and more people could see what Jesus Christ has done in me.”

Jesus Christ himself was baptized as an example to us. Did his baptism save him? Of course not! Did he NEED to be baptized? No! He did it as a testimony to who he was and as a call for others to follow him. Baptism does not save us. It shows that we have committed our lives to him and that we want the world to know. In addition, it allows us the opportunity to identify with a local church, its teachings, and its practices.

*Grace Point has chosen to observe baptism through immersion as a symbol that we are united with Christ in his death, burial, and resurrection. If you have been previously baptized by some other form or if your baptism occurred before your salvation, we simply ask that you identify with us as a testimony that you have given your life to Christ and want to walk in fellowship with other believers here at Grace Point.

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