Break free

When the Pain in Your Past Paralyzes Your Present

Life can be painfully messy. The wounds we experience make us and shape us. If we aren't careful they will shackle us. People betray our trust and traumatize our innocence. Sadly, it's the people we are closest to that hurt us the deepest. It might be a boss, a co-worker, a family member, a significant other, a trusted friend, and yes, even someone at church. Can we find freedom from the past and move with confidence into the future? Sometimes you have to go backward before you can go forward. Learn from the life of Joseph—how he moved from a family of means, fortune and influence, to a pit of  despair, betrayal and abuse...and yet supernaturally how he broke free. Learning how to break free from our past, will set us free to live today and tomorrow.

Resources & Opportunities


Begins September 1

Feeling betrayed? Have you been hurt by someone you trusted? Are you holding onto a grudge for something someone has done to you? Though these are natural and instinctive emotions, these feelings ultimately never lead to what God truly desires for us. In God's Word, we find that only through forgiveness do we find the healing, comfort and peace that we so desperately need.

Churches That heal

Small Groups Launching September 12, 2021

Beginning the week of September 12, we will be launching several short-term groups that will be walking through Churches that Heal, a curriculum designed to help you find healing from the pain in your life that you just can't break free from. Click the link below to find a group.

Stop Human Trafficking

Learn More on September 19

Human trafficking is one of the greatest and the longest running entrapments and sins of humanity. The first recorded in history is found Genesis 16 with Hagar and also Joesph was himself trafficked in Genesis 37. As a part of our partnership with the Greek Evangelical Church we are working to help start Hagar ministries in Athens. On September 19th they will be with us worship gatherings. We will also host a lunch on Sunday following our second gathering for those who pre-register.

Prayer Matters

Become a Prayer Partner

Become a prayer partner as we pray for the prayer needs of our Grace Point family, community, and the needs of the nations at large. Prayer enables us to talk to the Father anywhere, at any time, for any reason. Be a part of helping people all over the world break free and find freedom in Christ. Once you register Dave Penner, one of our Grace Point Church will reach out to you.