Thank you for taking a BOLD and STRONG step of faith today.

You start a journey today that will be incredible hard (not going to make it sound easy) but abundantly beyond all you can ask or think rewarding. Here are some personal tips to consider to help make this journey more successful.

•Pray before you give… Ask God to use your gifts to impact people’s lives. Some you will never know or see but for generations your generosity will make life transforming impact both to your neighbors and to the nations.

•Do the hard work of setting up a budget for yourself. We have a tool online that is called the ABC Budget. Its where you can take a excel spread sheet and plug in you’re A’s – Absolutes, your B’s – Basics, and C’s – your comforts. The important principle to the ABC budget is force as much as you can to be C’s unless you can truly substantiate it to be and B or an A. you can find the budget at

• Discover the Treasure Principle. If you want to like to read learn about this important principle, please write my assistant ( and we will mail you a copy of the book by Randy Alcorn as a gift and for encouragement on the journey.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me during this time for prayer and encouragement. My email is simple:

I am praying God will meet you in amazing ways during the next 90 days and beyond.

You can set up automated giving by texting GracePointNWA to 77977 or by visiting



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