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We love art, but we love artists more! Our purpose is to provide a space for local, national, and international artists to display their work and celebrate their God-given creativity. If you are an artist or know of artists who would be interested in working with us for an exhibit, contact Tim Logan. 


December 13–April 6: Kurt Caddy, "Behold: The Art of Transformation" – works of enhanced photography, acrylic painting, Kintsugi, and sculpture. Visit

Kurt Caddy, photographer and artist, has been refining, experimenting, and clarifying his creatives processes and concepts since 2007. While visiting a Lakota Reservation in South Dakota, he encountered a brokenness and despair that would collide with his own brokenness and creative gifting to form the foundation for his work. Photographing broken and abandoned spaces and worn surfaces is the beginning of the process, then he transforms the images digitally, yielding works of intense color and vibrant beauty. He also works in acrylic painting, sculpture, Kintsugi, and hand-made paper— all of which will be part of this exhibition.

Kurt and his wife, Laura, live on a small rural farm in Missouri. They have 3 biological and 5 adopted children. Kurt has worked with university students on a local campus for over 20 years. His art is deeply informed and inspired by this context. Caddy has exhibited work in Missouri, Pennsylvania, Montana, Arkansas, and New York City.

BEHOLD is a call to gaze, to fix your attention, and to see the unseen.

Kurt Caddy says of this exhibition, "The works were created to capture the gaze and hold it long enough for the viewer to experience the color, the texture, the contrast, and the symbols, which point the viewer to a higher and richer reality. The works are a secondary mediator pointing the viewer to primary mediator, Jesus Christ. The work is reflecting and refracting the Glory of God to the 'beholder' for the glory of God."

The exhibit will be comprised of works in a variety of media, including paintings (some as large as 48" by 96") in earth pigments, acrylic, ink, and metal leaf on surfaces such as wood, hand made paper, and polystyrene.  

A large portion of the exhibit will be digitally enhanced photographic prints. Caddy starts with photos of abandoned spaces and worn surfaces, transforming them with layers of digital color and texture, then printing them on canvas or metal. He says, "The metaphor captured in the process speaks loudly to the belief that 'beauty can be wrought from brokenness.'”

One series of prints in the exhibition is from photographs taken at The Momentary Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas, including the image used above in the show's poster art.

In addition, the show will feature several Kintsugi vessels that have been “mended toward newness" in the ancient Japanese technique. Kintsugi is the art of repairing broken pottery by mending the areas of breakage with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum.

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Poster Image: "In the Moment," work No. 4 from The Momentary Museum, Bentonville, Arkansas (this series will be included in the Story Gallery exhibit). Image 2: Kintsugi pottery

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