The fastest and most effective way to get involved at GPC is to participate in a Communitas Group. That’s where “church” happens! That’s where you find true Christian fellowship, meaningful Bible study, and friends who will walk with you whatever path you are on. We are ready to help you find the right group for you and your family, no matter your location, schedule, age, or marital status.

What is “Communitas?” Communitas is a latin noun that implies “people who live for the betterment of the community as a whole.” We want our church and our small groups to demonstrate and live out the love of Christ, so that our entire community may benefit and be blessed.

Communitas Group Lessons

Discovery Bible Study

You may use this study at any time, with any group. Use Scripture passages and thoughts from last Sunday’s message or choose appropriate Scripture passages according to your group’s current study or need.

See our RIGHTNOW MEDIA page for information on this free resource for personal or group studies, videos, and other study helps.

Communitas Leader Resources

Wheel Assessment – This tool is used to help your group determine a direction of study. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: Wheel Assessment

Nine Characteristics of Discipleship – Used in conjunction with the wheel assessment to help your group identify areas of growth. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: Nine Characteristics of Discipleship

CORE FOUR Refresher – Community, Live Missionally, Discipleship, and Develop Leaders are the four things our groups are about. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: Core Four Refresher

7 Suggestions for Child Care for Communitas Groups – Often one of our biggest challenges is children.  Can they be a part of the group?  If not, then what? CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: 7 Suggestions for Child Care for Communitas Groups

Spiritual Health Assessment –  A simple yet challenging look at what God may be doing in the lives of your group members. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: Spiritual Health Assessment

Relationship is one of Grace Point's Core Values.


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