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 If you are looking for online GIVING, please click HERE.

To search for a Communitas Group or set up your personal profile:

Click the Connection Point Button, then follow these simple steps to get started!

1. Set up your profile – you’ll enter your name, email address, and choose a secure password. Your username will be the email address you enter when first setting up your profile. If you forget your password, there’s a “Forgot” button on the log-in screen.

2. Log in with your user information, then edit or update your profile, set your privacy settings (choose who is able to see your information). You may upload a photo if you wish (like you do in Facebook). Please check the box “Include me in the church directory” on the Privacy Settings page if you wish to be listed in the online directory (shows only the information you allow it to display through your privacy settings: choose “Everyone” on each item to include in the directory).

3. Search for a Communitas Group, or view information about the group you have joined.

4. Set up automated Online Giving. You may make a one-time contribution or view your giving records, as well. You’ll find much more information about Online Giving HERE.

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