We call it transformation.

But it’s really as simple as this: a community of believers following Christ and helping others to do the same: transforming lives to be more like Christ.

Part of our responsibility as Christ’s Body is to encourage and equip each other. A disciple is learner and a follower, as Christ’s disciples were to Him. His goal was to reproduce Himself in his disciples, and it should be ours as well. Paul said, “Imitate me as I imitate Christ” (I Corinthians 4:16).

We offer several means of moving toward Christ-likeness at Grace Point. First – and probably most vital – are Communitas Groups. Our pastor reminds us that “if you are not involved in a Communitas Group, you are probably a short-timer at Grace Point.” Communitas is where “church” really happens as you share, learn, pray, and minister together. We encourage you to get involved with a group as soon as possible. You don’t have to join Grace Point first. Visit the COMMUNITAS page for more information.

Weekly worship with the church family is a key component to your discipleship process, as we join hearts and minds to praise the Father for all He has done in you and through you during the week. Pastor Mike tells us, “We don’t come to worship, we bring worship with us.” That principle is the foundation of Christian worship: it starts with you and your personal relationship to Christ, then as we join together, it is expressed in many ways. Worship is a way of life, not an event. Read more about Grace Point worship HERE.

We offer special courses through the year that will help you in your walk with Christ. For example:

  • North Point Class is an introductory class for anyone who wants to know more about Grace Point, what we believe, how we are structured, and how to get involved. If you plan to become a Covenant Member of Grace Point, this class is required. See our EVENT LIST for the next scheduled class.
  • West Point Class is a place to explore our Global Development work. We are involved in many projects around the globe, and we encourage every Grace Point member or attender to take this class. Anyone who plans to apply for scholarship money for any of our Global Development trips is required to take this course. See our EVENT LIST for the next scheduled class.



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