Grace Point Church employs a system of mutual accountability in our leadership structure. Our pastor works in tandem with the Deacons and Trustees to ensure that all Grace Point ministries adhere to a strict standard of ethics and morals, based upon Scriptural teachings concerning the leadership offices, structure, governance, and purposes of the church.

Our Pastoral Team casts the vision and sets the direction toward our church’s stated mission, while the Deacons and Trustees preserve the integrity and efficiency of the path the church travels.

Our Deacons  and Trustees are elected for three-year terms. They are nominated by the church body and are vetted by the Lead Pastor. Those who emerge from that process are voted upon by the church body at our annual Church Strategy Meeting.

What is a DEACON? A church deacon is one of two offices established in Scripture (the other being the pastor) and they are required to be “servants,” (Acts 6:2). The are appointed to assist the pastor in meeting the needs of the church body. They are not a “board,” nor are they the same as elders. They are not the “decision-makers” for the church, but they do serve as a sounding-board and in an advisory capacity for the Pastor and staff. Scripture tells us that they are to be doctrinally sound, live a clean and holy life, love the brethren, manage their family well, be temperate, not be divorced, and have a clear testimony of salvation (I Timothy 3:8-13).

What is a TRUSTEE? Our Trustees serve as a financial oversight body, working with and advising the Lead Pastor, Pastoral Team, and Deacons as they collaborate to manage our ministry budget and forecast future needs. They are men or women who have proven themselves trustworthy and knowledgeable not only in their professional life, but in church matters and in their homes, as well. They carefully examine and monitor all financial matters concerning the church.

Grace Point DEACONS

Josh Holck (2020) –Josh grew up in Minnesota as a pastor’s kid and went south for college to Iowa State University. He has been married to Lis for 11 years and they have three children ranging in age from 2 to 6. He has worked for Hormel Foods for 11 years in sales and marketing. The Holcks joined GPC in 2014. They lead a Communitas Group and serve in Wee World.

Justen Traweek (2020) –The Traweeks first joined GPC in 2007. Justen has served as an usher, a greeter, and taught kindergarten and first grade. They led a Communitas Group and he served as a deacon until they relocated to Pennsylvania in 2010, then to Texas for six years, and came back to our area last summer. In the past two years, Traweek family members have participated in several Global Adventures. GPC has played a huge role in Justen’s desire to live on mission, whether locally in his position at Walmart or to the nations. Justen and Stephanie have three children.

Andre Moore (2021) – Born and raised on the Caribbean islands of Trinidad & Tobago off the northern coast of South America, Andre migrated to the United States to pursue higher level education at Tuskegee University in Alabama. He was recruited by Tyson Foods at the completion of his Bachelor’s Degree in Management Science and relocated to Northwest Arkansas to begin his career and earned a Master’s Degree in Operations Management from the University of Arkansas. He is now the Senior Customer Development Manager at Unilever. 

Andre is married to Regine, and they have one son, Isaac. Andre is involved in Fusion Student Ministry, serves on the First Impressions Team, and has participated in a Global Adventure to Mali.

Rob Whorton (2021) – Rob and his wife, Dawn, have been members of Grace Point Church since 2004. They have been married 25 years and have two sons and a daughter. Rob has served as a Deacon, Communitas Leader, in Wee World, and in Kid Nation. He has led several Global Adventures to New Day Orphanage in Zambia and will lead a Global Adventure to Japan in October. He currently serves as an Usher. Dawn is the Assistant Financial Administrator at Grace Point Church and serves in the Special Needs ministry. Rob is the Physical Plant Manager at Thaden School in Bentonville.  

Brett Ferguson (2022) –Brett grew up in a pastor’s home and following Jesus has always been a central part of his life. He clearly remembers his Dad explaining the gospel in his bedroom when he was about nine years old. They knelt beside his bed and he prayed a simple prayer committing his life to Jesus. “I don’t know how much a nine-year-old understands about the gospel but that day was clearly the beginning of my personal relationship with Jesus,” he says. He and Rachel have been married for 16 years. They have three daughters, Aubrielle (11), Lily (10), and Maisie (5). Ten years ago, they moved to Northwest Arkansas for his sales work with Campbell’s Soup, and over their seven years at Grace Point have served in First Impressions, Wee World, and leading Communitas Groups. 

Marcus Smith (2022) – Marcus was born in Grover, North Carolina and accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior at the age of 10 but wasn’t baptized at that time. He experienced a rededication when he was 33 years-old, was baptized, and began a serious journey following Christ. He is married to Kisha and they have two children, Kylie (18) and Santana (16). The family began attending Grace Point in March of 2015, and joined that August. He immediately began serving in the First Impressions Ministry as a greeter. Marcus has a background in logistics and distribution, and is the Distribution Center Manager for Rockline Industries in Springdale. 

Grace Point TRUSTEES

Mike Keller (2020)Mike and Nikki Keller have lived in NWA since 2004, having moved from Detroit to take a position with Walmart. They have been members of GPC for over 8 years. They have three daughters. He and Nikki have been involved with various ministries (Communitas Groups, Children’s Ministry, Missions, First impressions, etc.). Nikki is a part of the women’s ministry leadership team, leads a women’s bible study, and has gone on mission trips to Asia. Mike has been a Deacon at Grace Point for two years and currently leads a weekly men’s Bible study. He will be a part of the Zambia Global Adventure in October.

Mike is also a GPC Deacon.

Corey Thompson (2020)Corey and his wife, Katie, have been members of Grace Point since 2009. Corey and Katie have been married for 10 years and have two children, Madelyn (3) and Benjamin (1). Corey is the CEO of WattGlass, a research and development firm based in Fayetteville. He is an entrepreneur at heart and has a passion for seeing university research make an impact in the world. Katie taught 5th grade in the Springdale School District for 5 years, and recently joined WattGlass as operations manager. Since joining Grace Point, they have served in the coffee shop, led a Communitas Group, and served in children’s ministry.

Pat Halford (2021) – Pat and his wife Susan moved to Northwest Arkansas in January of 2014, joining Grace Point in October, 2015.  They have served as Leaders in the GPC College Ministry for about a year and are currently co-leading a Communitas Group with David and Melody Mills. Prior to moving to NWA, Pat was a Special Agent with the FBI for approximately 25 years in the field offices for Houston, Washington D.C. and Little Rock. He is now Director of Global Investigations with WalMart. He and Susan have been married 32+ years and have two daughters, Rachel and Abby, who both live in Little Rock. Abby is married and Rachel is engaged to be married in November of this year.

Kisha Smith (2021) – Kisha lived and worked most of her life in North Carolina, holding several positions in the field of
Human Resources. About four years ago, God opened a door for her family to relocate to Arkansas.
Kisha found the Lord at the age of eight, and she has a strong passion and desire to daily grow and develop in his grace. Kisha serves in our Worship ministry, is a part of our Missional Living WIN team, as well as a participant in our Women’s Ministry. She is enrolled in Dallas Theological Seminary working towards a Masters in Christian Education with a focus on Women’s Ministry. Kisha also works to support women and young ladies in the Christian faith through her Professional Life Coaching services at Kisha’s Faithful Coaching. 

She is married to Marcus and they have have a daughter, Kylie (17) and a son, Santana (15).

Michael Paladino (2022) – Michael became a believer at age 23 after being influenced by his (now) wife and some amazing mentors. Getting to that point was a journey that included a lot of research, prayer, and God’s faithfulness. He and Leslie, have two children, Gabby (12) and Peter (9). They joined Grace Point in 2012. Michael is a Communitas Group leader and serves in the Technical Arts Ministry, while Leslie serves in Kid Nation. Professionally, Michael is co-founder of Bentonville-based digital product studio, RevUnit. He and his team have grown the company from two people in 2012 to over 100 today.

Annie Walker (2022) – Annie has been a member of Grace Point Church for 12 years. She accepted Christ in 5th grade and was baptized her junior year of college. She is married to Jacob Walker and they have two children, Ethan and Ellen. Annie serves on the Check In/Registration team and has previously served in Wee World and has been a part of our West Africa mission partnership. Jacob currently serves on the worship team as a audio technician. Annie works at Walmart as the Vice President for Merchandise Operations in Apparel. 


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