Genesis 21, 22: Test Day - Mike McDaniel

May 30, 2021    Mike McDaniel, Lead Pastor    Genesis 21-22
Subseries, "Friend of God"
Genesis 21-22

Mike talked about "expanded time" and "compressed time" in the historical narratives (ex. Compare the length of time between Gen 21:1-2 and v.3-4). What is the purpose for slowing down the narrative and compressing time?

How is baptism an expression of our covenant relationship with God?

What does it mean when God tests us? (Gen. 22:1)

What two test results is God looking for when he “tests” us? (answer: Where is our love and loyalty lay? and Where does our trust and obedience stop?)

How radical is the call to follow Jesus? Is it a causal "follow at will" or "when it’s convenient" or is it an "all-out surrender"? Assign the following verse for people to read: John 6:53; Luke 14:26, 33; Luke 9:23.

Why do you think that trust and obedience to God such an important component of following Jesus? How did Abraham demonstrate his trust and obedience and how far was that trust and obedience willing to go?

Read Hebrews 11:17-19. What did Abraham believe 2000 years before Christ sacrifice of his life and resurrection?