Genesis 3: Legends of the Fall

Feb 7, 2021    Mike McDaniel, Lead Pastor    Genesis 3:1-7
Subseries: "Origins"
Genesis 3:1-7

Are we born innocent and perfect or are we born with a sinful nature? (Psalm 51:5, Jeremiah 17:9)

What facts do you know (or did you learn) about the Serpent in Genesis 3:1?

Read Romans 5:12. How does the fall (or failure) of Adam and Eve impact us still today?

Read Jeremiah 17:9 and Genesis 3:1. How have our hearts been influenced by the character and conduct of Satan?

Mike said: Deception is a LIE posing as TRUTH. Do you agree or disagree? If you disagree, how would you define “deception”?

List the 3 deceptive maneuvers of Satan’s scheming.

Read Genesis 3:6. Break down the progression of Adam and Eve’s fall.

How did sin impact their relationship in verse 7? (compare and contrast 2:25 and 3:7)