Genesis 10, 11: Making a Name for Yourself - Lori McDaniel

Mar 21, 2021    Lori McDaniel    Genesis 10:1–11:9
Subseries, "Origins"
Genesis 10:1 - 11:1-9

In Genesis 1-11, we see a crescendo of humanity's proclivity to sin resulting in 3 crisis – the fall in the garden, in the flood, and in the failure of the tower of Babel. In the end, why is sin really that big of a deal? Why does God continue to initiate and pursue his creation?

All of Scripture is the revelation of God. If someone were to ask you, “How do we see God in Genesis 1-11,” how would you answer them? How does God reveal himself to us in this first section of Genesis?

Genesis 10 is not just a normal genealogy that lists decedents in order. Instead it’s more like an ancient world map. Skim each section. (10:1-5, 10:6-14, 10:15-20, 10:21-32) Do you see any names or places that you are familiar to you from other Bible stories you know?

Genesis 1-11 unpacks the history of creation. We see Who created the world. We see the order of creation. We see why God made man and woman.

We see the origin of sin. In the scope of world history, what does Gen 11:1-9 tell us about the world?

What mandate (or command) did God give to Adam and Eve? (Gen 1:28) What mandate (or command) did God give to Noah’s family? (Gen 9:1, 9:7) In what ways do we see Noah’s decedents in Gen 11:1-9 unified to disobey God?

Ambition, approval, significance, the desire to be seen or known, making a name for ourselves - all humanity desires these things. Are these things wrong or are they okay? Can they become wrong?

What relevance does the ancient story of the Tower of Babel have for the church today? Does it have any relevance of God’s mandate given to the church to make disciples in all nations? (Luke 24:45-48)

Is there any similarity to the people’s response in Gen 11:1-9 to settling and building a name for themselves to our response today to God’s mandate to go into all the world?

What does it mean when we say that God’s mission is to make his name known to all the nations? How do we play a part in that as a church? How do you (or can you) practically play a part in that?

God created the world and it had one language. Does a multiplicity of languages and a diversity of people and ethnicities bring glory to God? Read Acts 2:1-11, Revelation 5:7-10.