Genesis 3: Truth and Consequences - Mike McDaniel

Feb 21, 2021    Mike McDaniel, Lead Pastor    Genesis 3:7-24
Subseries, "Origins"
Truth and Consequences
Genesis 3:7-24

Re-read and review Genesis 3:1-7

Take a moment and first review the last 2 messages. One message on the crafty deceiver Satan (February 7), last week’s message on the vulnerable prey in Eve and Adam. How did they succumb to the crafty deceptive Satan?

Mike said Gen 3:1-7 is a microsome of a lot of people’s lives. How is that so? (ANSWER: a. there is no mention of God consciousness. B. people were living according to their passions and not their God given principles. C. they were negotiating with the devil)

How does God show up in Genesis 3:8? How is God’s posture different than Adam and Eve? (3:6-11)

What was the truthful impact of sin entering humanities story? (compare and contrast 2:25 with 3:7 to see the human to human impact vs. human to divine impact is see in 3:22-24)

What does it mean that “sin is when we meet legitimate needs with illegitimate means.” How is Eve’s hunger for food an example of a legitimate need? What was illegitimate about her means? Think of some other examples of how we today do the same thing.

List the 5 consequences to sin in our life that is first seen in the life of Adam and Eve (answer: fear v.10; shame v 8 and 10; Blame v 10; Guilt (v14-19) death (v.21))

How does sin kill us spiritually? (Isaiah 59:2; Romans 6:23)

How does Satan’s curse (v14-15) point to Jesus?