Genesis 6: Leading With the Wind in Your Face - Mike McDaniel

Mar 14, 2021    Mike McDaniel, Lead Pastor    Genesis 6:5-14
Sunday, March 14, 2021
Genesis 6:5-14

How did our world get to the way it is today? (all the pain, brokenness and sorrow) How does Paul describe the world in which we live? (see Romans 8:22)

Mike keeps using the phrase: “Vandalism of shalom”, what does that mean? Where do we see in Genesis 3-6 a loss of shalom?

How did God show grace to Adam and Eve after they sinned? (see Gen 3:8-9) How does God show grace to Cain even after Cain murdered Abel? (Gen 4:15)

When has God been gracious to you? Why is grace “unfair”? Is God unfair when he gives grace to the guilty?

When we consider how God felt about the broken sin ridden world of Genesis 6:5-7, how do we still see God’s grace at work? (Gen 6:8)

Noah was righteous and blameless (Gen 6:9). Why are these 2 qualities so critical when considering a person’s character?

What proof do we see in Noah that he was a person of faith?

Faith includes COURAGE and GRIT, true or false. Why or why not?