Genesis 4: Echoes of the Fall - Mike McDaniel

Mar 7, 2021    Mike McDaniel, Lead Pastor    Genesis 4:1-24
Sunday, March 7, 2021
Genesis 4:1-24
Of your parents, who do you most resemble ? Physically, emotionally and/or spiritually?

What does it mean to worship? In the most basic meaning of the word? How was worship evidenced in the beginning of time (read 4:2-4)

Did God have a response to their offerings? If so, what was it? What does it mean for God to regard one offering (Abel’s) and not regard another (Cain’s)? How should God’s response to offerings inform our offering today?

What makes Abel’s offering so acceptable? How does the way in which Abel gave in worship inform how and what we should give in worship? What does a “first and best” mindset look like today?

Cain’s was a "me-first" mindset. Compare and contrast the "me-first" with a "God gets the first and best" mindset.

Cain entered into a cycle of sin (or vandalism of shalom) that led to him going deeper into sin. What was the progression (gave an un-regarded offering, which led to envy, and then led to murder)? How does unconfessed and unrepented sin cause us to spiral deeper into sin?

How did Cain's open unrepented sin effect his emotions?

In what ways does sin “compound” in Cain’s life? In what ways has unconfessed sin compounded you in the past and it has cost you dearly in the present?