The calling to start Grace Point Church originated in Africa…

Life is a journey, right? Hopefully your journey is full and meaningful, with a scrapbook full of stories and photos of reflection. The journey metaphor has run through Grace Point from its inception. My family’s journey includes four years in Zambia as church planters. We thought we would spend the rest of our lives there, but God used those experiences, lessons, and the “detox” from the American church to reshape and morph our understanding as to what could be a fuller expression of His church. It was while in Africa that God called us back to America to start Grace Point.

From the beginning until now, we have sought to be a church for those who have given up on the church, but haven’t given up on God. We wanted to be a safe place for atheists to contemplate, agnostics to explore, and the “churchless” to find a new home and family. We want you to come as you are, but we don’t want you to leave as you came. Jesus wants to do a new and renewing work in all of us. No one has arrived. Journey with us as we journey closer and closer God.

Meet my family

Lori and I started our life and ministry together in 1990. She has been a part of all facets of Grace Point and even speaks at Grace Point occasionally. She a blogger, communicator and my wife! Click for LORI’S BLOG

Jordan McGrath:  My “one-and-only” daughter. To the surprise of no one, she is a “daddy’s girl.” She is a nurse in the Intensive Care Unit at a local hospital. Jordan is married to Tiernan McGrath. If a dad has to give away his “one-and-only” in marriage, it might as well be to the best son-in-law imaginable. Tiernan is a “creative genius” for RevUnit in Northwest Arkansas. Jordan and Tiernan are graduates of Liberty University.

Caleb McDaniel: My son is a graduate of West Point, the United States Military Academy, with a degree in International Relations, having studied French. He has served and returned from his first deployment. Look for Caleb to become your candidate of choice in a future election; he is already a statesman and not a politician.

Josh McDaniel: Upon entering his Freshman year at Liberty University has probably been in more countries than most people will travel in a lifetime. Josh is our entrepreneurial mind with his own creative bent for film and photography. Look out, world!

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