Grace Point is actively working to help with the refugee crisis in Greece.  These refugees are wonderful people who have suffered displacement because of war in their own countries. They are fleeing to Greece in significant numbers and the trend isn’t slowing. The UNHCR has reported that arrivals of refugees in Greece have increased significantly compared to the previous year, and that the majority of the refugees are women and children.

Over the next two years, Grace Point will be sending multiple teams to Greece to show and share Jesus with the refugees. We are also sending financial resources from our Christmas Offering to help with housing needs for women and children in the Athens area, under the banner The Lydia Project. In partnership with the Baptist Global Response and The Evangelical Church of Greece, Grace Point will be able to help women and children who are the most vulnerable among these refugees.

The Lydia Project is an initiative designed to empower refugee women. Like us, these women are mothers, daughters, and sisters, but many have lived through unimaginable tragedies. They have fled their war-torn homes, often with little but the clothes on their back. Many of the affected women are raising multiple children in refugee camps. or “squats,” perhaps wondering what the next day will hold or where they will get their next meal.

Sponsored in part by the First Church of Athens, the Lydia Project has four main goals:

1) to inspire these women who have lost everything;

2) to help them heal from the pain and suffering they have experienced;

3) to train them by teaching them every day skills to vocational skills; and

4) to enable them to support themselves. The Lydia Project invites these women to participate in classes and activities designed to help them move forward in their new lives in Greece (for example, offering classes on basic women’s health issues or vocational skills such as knitting). Many do not know what their futures hold, and the Lydia Project can lend support along the way.

Showing and Sharing Jesus with Refugees in Greece


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