Pray 21: Day 10

Devotional: Prayer-Walking (Adapted from

Yesterday we read about prayer-walking; today we want to learn more about how to do so.

Prayer-walking is the powerful dynamic of praying onsite with God’s insight. We prayer-walk throughout our community with prayers of blessing and peace. We pray that God would be honored, adored, lifted up, revealed and praised by name among the people of the community.

We get insight for prayer-walking through impressions that come by way of our natural senses. The Holy Spirit will use sights, sounds, and smells to flood your awareness and prayers with significance. As you prayer-walk, use people, signs, toys, cars, buildings, etc. as ideas of things for which to pray. Walk sensitively!

Preparation for a Prayer-Walking Adventure

Ask God to open a door of opportunity for you to involve yourself in a prayer-walking adventure.

You also need to seek Him for a fresh cleansing and covering in your personal life.  Next, seek God’s guidance on where you should walk and what you should pray for. Be reminded that God’s heart is filled with a deep love and an intimate knowledge of each one you will pray for, whether they are known or unknown to you. As you seek Him, He will guide your steps and direct your prayers.

Pray with Purpose

Pray for the needs of people and places that you see.

Pray quietly or silently.

If asked, explain what you are doing: “We’re praying God’s blessing on the neighborhood. Are there specific ways we can pray for you or others?”

How to Prayer-walk

Invite the Spirit of God to accompany you, guiding your steps and your words.

Express God’s thoughts in your own words.

Carry Scripture with you. Use a small Bible or note cards.

Be attentive during moments of silence, allowing the Holy Spirit to help you see with His eyes and pray in accordance with His heart.

Pray today about when God is leading you to prayer-walk your neighborhood; Ask for His blessing and guidance.


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