Pray 21: Day 18

Devotional:  Pray for Missionaries (David Platt, IMB President)

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I don’t know what to ask God to do in the lives of missionaries. Unfortunately, that usually means I toss out the most generic prayer “God, please bless all the missionaries, everywhere.” While I am not denying the power of God to answer that prayer…How would we ever be able to give him the glory for answering a specific request, if we never make one?

We can pray specifically for our missionaries! Here is a comprehensive list of specific things to pray for missionaries.

1. Pray for confidence in God’s Word

2. Pray that they may be filled with God’s Spirit

3. Pray for victory in Spiritual Warfare

4. Pray for their success in Gospel witness

5. Pray for peace with other believers

6. Pray for favor with unbelievers

7. Pray that the Gospel will be clear thru them

8. Pray that God would open hearts around them

9. Pray for joy in the midst of suffering

10. Pray for kindness in the midst of slander

11. Pray for supernatural power to accompany them

12. Pray for Christ-like humility to characterize them

13. Pray for patience

14. Pray for perseverance

15. Pray that God will use them to make disciples

16. Pray for them to multiply churches

You don’t have to pray for all of these things every day. However, learn the names of missionaries and pray for them specifically.


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