Pray 21: Day 2


Devotional:  The Postures of Prayer (Adapted from Institute in Basic Life Principles)

“O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the Lord our maker” Psalm 96:5

Imagine you come to a friend in a time of personal tragedy – perhaps you are mourning the loss of a loved one or maybe you just received a pink slip at work.  Yet when you tell them how you are feeling you have a huge smile on your face.  Do you think that friend would be able to discern your emotions and your needs?

Just as important as properly aligning our facial expressions and body language to relay the emotions we are experiencing – should be our ability to align our heart and attitude with the correct postures of prayer.  You see, communication with God does not require a certain physical position, but postures do give expression to the attitudes of our hearts. Let’s dive into several postures that we can use to truly express and emote our prayers to the Father.


It acknowledges the Lordship of Jesus Christ (See Philippians 2:9–11)

It is a sign of personal humility (see Psalm 95:6)

Looking Up to Heaven

It demonstrates where our help comes from (See Psalm 121:1-2 ESV)

It indicates intimate fellowship with God (see John 17:1-2)

Standing Before the Lord

It represents our position in Christ’s righteousness (See Romans 5:1–2)

It shows readiness to serve (See Daniel 1:5 & Romans 6:18)

What other postures might you need to take?  Lying down, sitting before the Lord, hands raised, hands out/palms up, bowing down before the Lord.  To see more, visit:

Pray today in a posture that gives expression to the posture of your heart.  Ask God to reveal to you what posture you need to take before Him as you communicate with Him.


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