Pray 21: Day 9

Devotional: Prayer Walking (Adapted from

As important as a personal sacred place can be, praying “on the move” can also be incredibly powerful. A great way to put our prayers into motion is through prayer-walking our communities and neighborhoods.

Prayer-walking involves taking our prayers to the very places where we desire to see God’s presence manifested and our prayers answered. Prayer-walking is the powerful dynamic of praying onsite with God’s insight. Prayer-walking uses the sights, sounds, even smells to engage both body and mind in the ministry of prayer.

Prayer-walking puts legs to your prayers.  Instead of sitting in your house praying, it puts you into the community where the people are living.  This allows you to see the area that you’re praying for and be more intentional in your prayers.

Prayer-walkers are interceding for others. Prayer-walkers learn to pray beyond their own concerns, focusing prayer on behalf of their neighbors. Prayer-walkers quickly become aware of the realities and needs of their neighbors.

Prayer walking makes us more aware of what is around us and helps us see prayer needs of the area on a more personal level.  Stroll two-by-two or with your family through your neighborhood, praying as you go. You may see kid’s toys in a yard and know to pray for the children in that house; you may see recreational items in a yard and pray specifically for safety and protection.  Every house you walk by, you can pray that God will bring them closer to Him and into a relationship with Him. As we walk through the neighborhoods we are trying to reach, we can begin to feel more connected to the area and learn to pray more specifically.

Pray today about where and when God is leading you to prayer-walk and plan to prayer-walk your neighborhood soon.  We’ll learn more tomorrow about how to prayer-walk.


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