Grace Point Church Elders

Biographies of our Prospective Elders

PROSPECTIVE Elders, 2023

We are pleased to present two prospective elders this year. Please read about these men and their families and pray for God's guidance as we proceed with the vetting process. If you have questions, please contact us HERE.

Grace Point leads prospective elders through a six-month vetting period, including:

• Recommendation phase – Grace Point members are encouraged in January to submit names of people who they feel meet or exceed the qualifications for being an Elder.

• Interview phase – Each qualifying name will be considered through an application process, ensuring they align with the doctrine and mission of the Grace Point Church. Multiple interviews will take place with the prospective elders and their spouse.

• Recognition phrase – a list of proposed elders will be presented to the church asking church members if they feel they can follow the leadership of each elder. They will be given the month of April to pray through each proposed elder and lend their support and affirmation. During this period, members will be allowed to raise objections to elder selections.

• Affirmation phase – any character objections that are submitted regarding a proposed elder will be handled according to 1 Timothy 5:19.

Once the voice of the congregation is heard in the recognition stage, the new elders will be introduced to the church in June.

Elders serve a single four-year term, with a possible two-year extension.

Gary Peevy

Gary and Nancy have been married 34 years and have two children – Bethany, who works for a non-profit in Washington, DC, and Will, who serves with his wife, Elizabeth, and daughter, Ruby, as missionaries in Osaka, Japan. Gary works for a supplier and Nancy is an award-winning freelance writer. They both have a heart for missions and discipleship and currently serve as Group leaders and support Grace Point’s mission efforts locally and internationally.  Gary also serves as a greeter on Sunday mornings and is championing our global development partnership with Osaka, Japan. They have been members of Grace Point Church since 2021. 

Scott Walnofer

Scott and Kristen Walnofer have been active members of Grace Point Church since returning to NWA in 2019. Scott is the Senior Director of Sales for Kerry Ingredients, and Kristen is a stay-at-home mom, launching a new drafting and design and Airbnb businesses. Kristen and Scott support Grace Point Kids serving as "Game Host" and teachers with the 5th and 6th-Grade boys and girls, and have a lot of fun while ministering to this impressionable next generation. They lead a home-based small group with the passion for seeing young families grow in their faith, and they love to serve at GPC events such as catering for ONE Weekend, being host home for KampOut, and leading a table at Men's DiscipleshipU.

The Walnofer family includes Asa (11), Eli (9), and Ava (7). You are likely to spot the Walnofers riding bikes to the square to get ice cream on the weekends or cheering on their kiddos activities around town. Scott also holds the position of Vice President for the Bumpers College Arkansas Alumni Society.