Narrative Church, Bentonville

A number of Grace Point families ventured from our campus in 2015 to help Jerad and Katy Sears establish Narrative Church. They are meeting weekly in four home groups and continuing to establish relationships in the community. Jerad says, “We are called to surrender our lives to our neighbors for God’s glory. We earnestly pray that He is glorified, we are unified, and the city is mesmerized at God’s love, beauty, and greatness.”

Encounter Church, Boston

Beginning in 2014, Grace Point has given support and assistance to Encounter Church. Several teams have travelled to help with startup, ministry projects, and outreach. Here’s a recent report from pastor Jason Hodges: “I was approached recently by a young couple who started attending Encounter Church shortly after we launched. A few weeks ago they had a medical emergency with their baby. The mom told me that when that happened, she turned to God for the first time in her life, and sensed peace in spite of the fear she was feeling. She thanked Encounter Church for being a part of their lives and said that their entire family is now different because of us.”

The Groves Church, St. Louis

Bobby Bickford, pastor, reports continued growth and ministry impact in their second year. They celebrated three baptisms, a number of new individuals and families who were previously unchurched or de-churched now attending regularly, including one self-professed athiest who has made a commitment to Christ. The church has made extensive efforts to partner with community organizations, serving them by allowing use of their building on a regular basis. They are also partnering with a local missions organization for short-term trips to Kenya to minister to orphans and conduct evangelistic rallies.


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