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There are numerous ways you can financially support Grace Point Global Missions, but cash & checks are the most common ways that the church receives donations. Grace Point sends out yearly statements to ensure we are properly recording any gifts you have given.

If you would like to give toward a specific focus area or in support of an individual going on one of our short-term trips, please place cash or check in a properly labeled envelope and either place it in the offering during our Sunday gatherings, or send it to our church office located at 1201 McCollum Rd. Bentonville, AR 72712.


What is the difference between tithes and offerings?

The main difference between “Tithes” and “Offering” is not in the allocation of the funds (they both go to funding our general budget), but rather in the meaning behind the words. Tithe refers to the traditional term in the Old Testament by which the people of God were instructed to give the first 10% of their income back to God. “Offering” refers to any additional gifts beyond your tithe that you would like to give to the work of God through Grace Point Church. They both serve the same practical purpose as far as designation to our budget, but some people choose to separate their donation into the tithe (10% of their gross income) and offering (any additional monetary gift that they would like to donate above and beyond their tithe).

If I give a donation, what is my money going toward?

Unless otherwise designated on your gift, all donations go to our general budget. If you request that your gift be allocated towards a specific fund (i.e., West Africa, South Asia, Zambia, Ireland, Mosaic (all local mission work, including foster and adoption support), etc.), we promise that your gift will be directed only towards that fund.

If I support an individual's trip, will I receive a tax receipt?

Every donation or contribution we receive is recorded in our financial database. If you make a tax-deductible contribution to the church, you will receive a year-end statement listing all of your contributions for the year.

If you decide to financially support an individual going on a mission trip, your gift will help enable that individual to go, but if they choose to cancel, the mission still takes place and your support is still considered a gift toward that particular trip, not the individual.

May I give a cash donation and still receive a tax receipt?

Yes, you can. Please place your cash in a clearly marked and sealed envelope, with your name, address, and contact information and you can either mail it to Grace Point, drop it by during office hours, or place it in the offering on a Sunday morning.


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