Short-term trips with long-term commitments

Grace Point Church has several focus areas for short-term trips within our International Missions: Europe, West Africa, South Asia, & Zambia (New Day Orphanage).

Our West Africa & South Asia focus areas involve a very simple & relational method of disciple making and church-planting as we faithfully serve the Lord while living life with “unreached people groups.”

In Zambia, New Day’s vision is to give Zambian orphans hope for the future by fusing together Christian Worldview, Zambian Culture, & Quality Education.

In Europe, we partner directly through the IMB and focus on specific places where we can engage with Unreached people groups in a continued effort to impact those unreached pockets of nations throughout the world.

In addition to our International focus areas, we also strive to raise up “goers” among our students and we will often design specific trips to places where they can grow in their worldview and gain new perspective on “missions.”  These have previously included Peru, Nothern Ireland, & The Republic of Ireland.

Upcoming Global Adventures

South Asia: October, December 2018

East Asia: October, 2018

Japan: October, 2018

Greece: October, December, 2018

Middle East: February/March, 2019


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