“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows…” –James 1:27

Rooted deep within our Mosaic Ministry (so named for making beauty from broken pieces) is a deep love for families in Northwest Arkansas. We network with many local organizations or ministries to assist families who are fostering or in the process of adoption.  Together, we hope to provide education for potential adoptive and foster families and offer loving support, mentoring for children and teenagers, and to serve transitional homes and other agencies that are having an impact on orphans and foster children.

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Looking for an opportunity to serve? Explore these local organizations!

The Arkansas State CASA Association

The Arkansas State CASA Association supports local programs providing qualified volunteer advocates to help abused and neglected children in juvenile dependency-neglect proceedings reach safe, permanent homes. Through CASA, trained court appointed volunteers represent the best interests of an abused or neglected child for whom placement is being determined by the juvenile court. http://www.nwacasa.org

GPC CONTACT: Kelly Cope (kelly_cope@hotmail.com)

Becky's Kids

Becky’s Kids is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to bring love, encouragement, and hope to Arkansas foster children. Working closely with the Arkansas Department of Human Services, they identify specific needs for the foster children and partner with the community to meet those needs.

GPC CONTACT: Jessica Eldred (jessicaeldred@cox.net)

Boys & Girls Clubs of Benton County

Boys & Girls Club of Benton County offers a safe, convenient and affordable place for children to learn, play, socialize and develop life skills that are essential to a successful and productive future. They serve school-aged children in the Northwest Arkansas area, providing out-of-school youth development and family programs that support in-school learning, promote health and wellness, and develop honorable character and leadership. They also mediate emergent family needs.

GPC CONTACT: Kevin Crow (kevin@gracepointchurch.net)

Bright Futures

Bright Futures is a grass-roots community-based program that creates partnerships and utilizes community resources for the common goal of helping kids and strengthening our families and community. Bright Futures is about cultural change and building a community where education is important and valued.

GPC CONTACT: Amanda Kelly Musick (amusick@bentonvillek12.org)

D.E.B. Project

The DEB Project is an outreach program with a heart to help every child in need with clothing essentials.  The goal of the organization is to provide an unmet gap in clothing needs to children who are victims of either disasters, economic distress or are entering the foster care system.  The organization strives to honor these clothing requests with dignity and grace.

If you would like to provide items for care packages or the essentials that Foster Families need whenever they receive a new child, please contact Sammy Laney or consider dropping by DEB Project to get a visual for the new location and an updated list of items families currently need.


DEB Project is continually looking for volunteers to serve in the store, as well as new clothing for babies – teenagers, and many different items such as baby bedding, diapers, toiletries and hygiene products for birth – teens, underwear for all ages, and even lice treatment kits.

For more information regarding this organization you can click on this link and it will guide you to the website.  http://www.debproject.com.

GPC CONTACT: Sammy Laney (s.laney479@sbcglobal.net)

International Student Christian Association

Every week ISCA has a Tuesday night meeting with a “Fellowship Meal”. At this meal students from around the world gather to eat and have fellowship. Some are members of ISCA who are there for the Fellowship AND Bible study. Others are what we call “Friends of ISCA” who do not feel they are ready for Bible study but they have develop friendships with members of ISCA and this is a great time to connect. In other words, Followers of Jesus and “Not Yet” followers of Jesus from Around the world are sitting down together to eat and share together. This is an incredible opportunity to engage with individuals from around the world, right here in NWA!

You can get registered to help provide a meal by visiting the ISCA website (http://www.iscanwa.net), or reach out to GPC member Denise Grindstaff, via email, with any questions you might have.

GPC CONTACT: Denise Grindstaff (denisegrindstaff@cox.net)

Faith in Action

Faith in Action is a small non-profit outreach program run through the Washington Regional Medical Foundation. They rely on committed volunteers to help provide homebound seniors with free, non-medical services, promoting their independence, dignity, and quality of life. Volunteers provide many services including transportation to physician appointments, friendly visits, grocery shopping, chore assistance, light housekeeping, and yard maintenance.

GPC CONTACT: Penny Stamile (pstamile@cox.net)

Laundry Love

Laundry Love Projects partner with community volunteers to provide clean clothes to those living in situations of poverty. It is their mission to turn Laundromats into hubs of relief from oppressive poverty. The hope is to build relationships and share a meal while restoring the dignity of wearing clean clothes.

GPC CONTACT: Lori Badeen (lori.badeen@gmail.com)

Loving Choices

Loving Choices exists to provide counseling and limited medical services to any woman who may find herself experiencing a reproductive health crisis, whether it is an unplanned pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease. They give unconditional care to preserve and protect human life so their clients can find hope. Loving Choices offers medical services, educational classes, emotional support, and baby items from the beginning of pregnancy until nine months after birth. http://www.lovingchoices.org

GPC CONTACT: Dana Schwiethale (dana@lovingchoices.org)

Saving Grace

Saving Grace provides transitional living for young women between the ages of 18 and 25 who have aged out of foster care and/or are facing homelessness without critical supports in place. http://www.savinggracenwa.org

GPC CONTACT: Jaclyn Williams (jaclyn.sginwa@gmail.com)

Souls' Harbor NWA

Souls’ Harbor NWA is a transitional-living facility for men that provides food, clothing, shelter, educational, and employment opportunities free of charge, while walking alongside men who are ready to reconstruct their lives. They are dedicated to restoring individuals, rebuilding families, and transforming communities. http://www.soulsharbornwa.org

GPC CONTACT: Caleb Gabriele (Caleb@GracePointChurch.net)


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