THE DEEP PLACES: A VISUAL MEMOIR: February 2–April 19, 2020


“Somewhere along the path of seeing this selection of photos as a whole, I began to see myself emerge from them — not just as favorite photographs I’ve made but as me, truly me. From the very essence of my life lived, my childhood and all I felt in it, to the struggles I’ve walked in my spiritual life, through growth and ultimately to the faith I cling to as a result. These photos may look like just photos of distant places and unknown children, but hidden in their eyes, their moments of reflection, chosen-joy in adversity and even solitude, are significant moments and times when God was working in me, even if at the time I didn’t see or feel it. I didn’t take these pictures with this in mind — I only captured what moved my heart — but woven into the mystery of this story as it came to fruition, there is a story of redemption and grace: the struggles of questioning and faith, of being lost but ultimately found…and known in Jesus. It is to Him I give all credit for these photos, for the opportunities He has allowed me out of struggle and ultimately by the grace He pours out daily as I pour out my brokenness to Him. He truly is the redeemer of the hidden, the misunderstood, and the broken.”


Lori McCurdy is a documentary photographer based in Denver, Colorado. She lives there with her four teenage children, ages 13-19 (one in college) and her high school sweetheart husband of 23 years. Together they love to ski, hike, and enjoy the beauty of the Colorado Rockies. Before moving back to Colorado, her home, Lori lived in Northwest Arkansas for 17 years where she began her photographic journey four years ago. Whether she is photographing a family or working with a non-profit, locally or abroad, the use of light and shadows is an evident theme in her work, telling the stories she is drawn to most. She looks to capture natural connections, and authentic emotions, always with an apparent deeper story of being drawn into the subjects’ own connections and vulnerability. She lives to use her camera to tell honest, authentic stories of joy and even struggle, and often writes heartfelt thoughts from the pictures she takes, using those words as her own reflections of spiritual and personal growth. She hopes that those who view her work will be moved in a deeper way to feel something greater. If you’d like to work with Lori or know more about her, visit or, where she partners as a photographer to capture families and their connections on their outdoor adventures.


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The Photography of Lori McCurdy
February 2–May 3, 2020

Tim Tyler, Paintings
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The Art of Special Needs
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