We have a great commitment
to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission
to build a great church for our great God!

You may find that Grace Point Church is a bit different from the average church!

We are different in our vision, members, accountability, purpose, outreach, structure, message, strategy, services, and giving. We are not pridefully trying to say we are “better” than other churches. We are simply and purposefully different.

Mike and Lori crafted the mission statement for Grace Point before they returned from Zambia, while God was still shaping and clarifying the vision in their hearts. Read The Grace Point Difference as a call to be authentic, purpose driven, fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Our vision is clear and progressive

Clear—Our vision is visible and measurable. We see the harvest field of Northwest Arkansas and the World. We intend by all appropriate means to impact the unchurched community through Grace Point Church.

Progressive—We uphold a “whatever it takes” mentality. We constantly look for more effective ways to fulfill our purpose and see our vision become a reality. We do not fear change, but invite it. Our vision is big because we have a big God who has given us a big command and a big commission.

Our members are equipped and empowered.

Equipped—We make a concentrated effort to equip our members to live for Christ by addressing their felt and real needs from a biblical perspective, and by seeking to develop within our members a Christian Worldview. Our discipleship program is tailor-made to address the specific needs of the believers and unbelievers of Northwest Arkansas.

Empowered—Each member is considered a minister; therefore, they are free to minister as God has shaped and blessed them. We seek by all means to develop, counsel, and lead each member to discover how God has uniquely shaped him or her for ministry.

Our accountability is real and affirming.

Real—At Grace Point, all aspiring church members will complete a two-session membership class outlining the fundamentals of our faith, strategy, structure, and members’ responsibilities within the church. Each aspiring member will be asked to sign a “Membership Covenant” accepting their role in the furtherance of the gospel and the church.

Affirming—Our Christian member-ministers and/or pastors will serve as “navigators” to affirm, mentor, and assist each member in their spiritual development. We want to substantially increase the total number of members in active ministry.

Our purpose is complete and practical.

Complete—We focus on five major tasks of the church as modeled by the early church of Acts. We do not seek to do one task better than the other. We seek to fulfill all tasks with excellence.

Five Tasks of the Church: (see Acts 2:42-47)
1) Transformation, v. 42
2) Fellowship, v. 42
3) Worship, v. 42, 47
4) Ministry, v. 44-45
5) Outreach, v. 47

Practical—We want people to understand that authentic Christianity is practical and to be practiced in their daily lives. We want to move the church beyond theoretical Christianity to practical Christianity. Our logo and compass symbolize the course through which each Christian should journey in order to experience all that God purposed them and the church to be.

Our outreach is local and global.

Local—We want to be known as the “experts” on people of Northwest Arkansas. We continually research and profile them. We design our celebration worship service to their style and preference in matters unrelated to Biblical doctrine. We use whatever means, media, or mode necessary to reach out to the unchurched of Northwest Arkansas. There is no cost too great to pay in bringing people to Christ when considering the cost that Jesus paid for people to come to salvation.

Global—We annually involve our members in multiple international mission endeavors. We envision thousands of volunteer missionaries, short-term missionaries and career missionaries, to be commissioned from our church. We will annually host missionaries in our homes for a week of intensive mission partnering, training and education. The church seeks to have a missionary-in-residence at all times, perhaps in a future mission home, to support and encourage mission involvement and training.

Our structure is concise and friendly.

Concise—We want to reduce the bureaucracy and increase the ministry of Grace Point Church. We have a simple structure in order to maximize the member’s time in development of ministries (hands-on ministry) and minimize their time in maintenance ministries (e.g. Committee meetings).

Friendly—We realize our members want their lives to count. Every moment they spend in the church or related activities should count significantly to the fulfillment of our purpose. We want to allow the members to minister and allow the Pastor and staff to handle the administration. Grace Point Church wants to help its members to avoid needless meetings and committees so as to maximize ministry and minimize maintenance.

Our message is relevant and Biblical.

Relevant—Every message is prayerfully prepared to touch and challenge each listener’s life up-close and personal. We want each message to address and show the people that the Word of God is relevant today to address and guide them through the issues of their life.

Biblical—We see the Bible as the final source of truth and it will not be compromised or diluted in its original intent and message. We believe every word of Scripture is given by God without error, and believe that the Bible’s authority should supercede any historic or modern-day beliefs not built thereon.

Our strategy is focused and flexible.

Focused—We have five major tasks that are derived from our purpose statement and we seek to do them with excellence. Our strategy is how we intend to fulfill our purpose. It is our strategy to staff, budget, calendar, etc., according to our purpose. We refuse to deviate from our purpose and tasks. We will not substitute the “good” ministry opportunities in place of the “best” ministry opportunities.

Flexible—Though we have an unchanging focus on the tasks at hand, we are flexible on the methods we employ to accomplish those tasks. We are always willing to try a different method to achieve our determined end.

Our worship gatherings are seeker-sensitive and celebratory.

Seeker-sensitive—Conventional barriers are removed or closely evaluated to avoid needless hindrances for those seeking the Truth. Every effort is made to reduce the man-made barriers that hinder the unchurched from attending church and hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Celebratory—Each worship time  is designed to be full of energy and impact, but distinctly Christ-centered. We want to provide our congregation creative opportunities for involvement in the worship celebration.

Our giving is sacrificial and strategic.

Sacrificial—We expect our members to abide by and agree to a covenant of giving “generously” to the church. Whether you choose to give online or in a worship gathering, we acknowledge that you do so as an act of worship.

Strategic—We strategically submit and manage our ministry budget according to the purposes and tasks of the church. All weekly and special offerings come under careful planning before being reinvested into ministry. We promote two additional major offerings annually: Global Impact Offering and Capital Advancement.


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