Grace Point Church Elders


The Elder role at Grace Point Church

As Grace Point takes steps toward being an Elder-governed church, we know there will be many important questions. The information on this page will help you become better informed of the process and the direction of our proposed Elder leadership. More information will be added as it is developed.

The Elders shall be responsible to governance of the Church according to the Biblical principles, through guiding and assisting the members of the Church and guarding them against false teaching (Acts 20:28 ff.; I Peter 5:1-3). They shall lead the Church through their godly example (I Peter 5:3), teach and exhort (I Timothy 3:2; Titus 1:9), refute those who contradict truth (Acts 20:29-31; Titus 1:9), and pray for the sick when summoned (James 5:14). As the highest governing body in the Church, they shall be responsible for the overall management of the Church (I Timothy 3:5; 5:7) by setting policy, by approving an annual budget and ministry plans of the Lead Pastor, and by holding the Lead pastor accountable for the oversight of the Pastoral team and support staff.

Since September of 2021, five pastors – Pastor Mike and our four Navigators (Andrew, Caleb, Nathan, and Tim Terrazas) – along with our five deacons (Brett Fergurson, Rob Whorton, Jeremy Thompson, Justin Fergurson and Michael Palodino) have studied the Scriptures and no less than five other church that have healthy successful and diverse Elder Governing church models. Through the process they have had healthy debates, all have stated their thoughts, spending close to 500 man-hours in study, discussion, prayer, and alignment. In late July, we will present an amended constitution and by laws and propose our first round of Elders. We are sure you might have questions, and we want to hear them and address them for all to hear and learn

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