Loving the Diverse Neighbor

Aug 23, 2020    Dr. James Hawkins    John 17:20-23
Picture this scenario: you have volunteered to be part of an experience with a diverse group of people from several local churches. When you get into the group, you are told that the purpose of the group is to talk about the following topics/themes:

o Racism
o Gender discrimination
o Classism
o Political polarization
o Caring for those with special needs
o Theological differences
o Generational gaps

1. What do you sense happen in your body when you find out you’ll be discussing these themes? (Be specific and particular with how each topic relates to how it makes you feel physically.)

2. What is it about these topics individually that triggered your body to respond?

3. What thoughts or images come into your mind as you reflect on each individual theme? (They may not be something you agree with, but they come up anyway.)

4. What are your fears and hopes for yourself, your family, your church, and your community when it comes to each individual theme?

Central Text: Read John 17:20-23

· Do you think unity is a problem for believers right now? Why or why not?
· What are some core character qualities we need to have in order to be unified with other believers?
· Read John 13:34-35. How will the world recognize us as Jesus’ disciples?
· How does love for one another create unity?
· What changes need to be made in your life so that Jesus’ prayer of unity can be true of you?