Reimagined Riches

Jul 26, 2020    Devon Arredondo    James 5:1-6
Message Discussion Guide - 7.26.20

Read James 5:1-3 with your group.

· James begins a new section of his letter in which he harshly condemns "you rich" people. He begins by warning them of misery headed their way. Why do you think James issues such a stern warning?
· James describes a group of people who have hoarded their wealth. Is James condemning the very possession of wealth? Look at James 1:9-11.
· Do you consider yourself wealthy? Why or why not?
· Do you agree that money can be dangerous?

Read James 5:4-6 with your group.

· Now that we’ve read this passage, let’s look at James’ main point. James describes the ways these people have trusted in their wealth and it has led to some serious sin.
· Devon said “The reason why money is so dangerous is because it can quickly become the thing we trust most.” Have you ever found yourself putting trust in wealth alone? What happens when that is the case?
· What do you think it means that our hearts follow our treasure?
· If you are a follower of Jesus, do you think that means we should use our wealth differently? How so?
· If your bank account is the best account, what does it say about you right now?
· How does Christ set us free from the worldly way of consumption and hoarding of wealth?