Win, Lose, or Peace

Jul 19, 2020    Mike McDaniel, Lead Pastor    James 3:13-18
7.19.20 Message Discussion Guide – “Win, Lose, or Peace”

Read James 3:13-18 with your group.

· James defines worldly wisdom using these words/phrases: bitter envy and selfish ambition. We have all sinned at one time or another by harboring one of these. How have you guarded against bitter envy and/or selfish ambition?
· James then describes Godly wisdom using these words: pure, peace-loving, considerate, submissive, merciful, fruitful, impartial, and sincere. Which of these characteristics do you feel comes most natural to you? Which one have you been asking (or need to ask) God to grow in you?
· Mike said a roadblock to peace is when noise drowns our wisdom. He said when that happens, it’s time to turn off the noise and turn up the wisdom of God. How do you accomplish making this happen?
· Another roadblock to peace that Mike mentioned is when passion triumphs over principle. Most arguments aren’t over right or wrong, but rather MY DESIRE being superior to YOUR DESIRE. When was a time when your passion trumped principle? How do you maintain principle over passion when it comes to your day to day conversations?

Read James 4:1-10 with your group.

· Now that we’ve read this passage, let’s circle back to Mike’s blueprint for “getting back on track.” He lists five ways, based on what James writes in this passage:
1. Get out of the driver’s seat – “submit yourselves to God” (verse 7)
2. Silence the lies – “resist the devil” (verse 7)
3. Nurture your relationship with God – “draw near to God” (verse 8)
4. Remove the dirt – “cleanse your hands” (verse 8)
5. Realign your heart – “purify your hearts” (verse 8)
· When you consider all five points, what are you doing daily to either get back on track or stay on track?
· What do you think it means to truly submit to God?
· In what way will you think and live differently as a result of today’s message from James?