Local & Global Opportunities to Show & Share Jesus


Grade Point has established partnerships with believers in several nations, working with them to train leaders and develop disciples. Please pray about your part in taking Christ to the nations. If you are interested in participating in one of our partnerships, please complete the form below.



Christians are losing the battle for the hearts of the Japanese people -- as Christianity has decreased 50 percent in Japan in the last 20 years. There are fewer Christians in Japan than in North Korea and about the same number as in Iraq (less than 1.5 percent). Japanese churches are dying because the younger generation is not coming to Christ. Ironically, this is in a country where their Constitution guarantees freedom of religion and believers can share openly.

Most Japanese see Christianity as a foreign religion irrelevant to them and are skeptical of established religion, following Shintoism and Buddhism and focusing on ancestor worship, materialism, and group conformity. Spiritual oppression engulfs Japan and suicide is on the rise.

Because we believe God wants to bring new life through Jesus to the Japanese people, Grace Point is partnering long term with the Hikari Project, Will and Elizabeth Peevy’s ministry in Osaka.


Damaris House; Church Planting; Leader Training; Refugee Relief

July 13-21, 2024
May 10-18, 2025

Refugees fleeing war-torn countries like Syria, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq, finally reach Greece, their first stop in the European Union. Tired and desperate, these emigrants are flooding into that country. Greek evangelicals, who only make up less than two percent of the population, are overwhelmed with helping the influx of refugees. Grace Point is partnering with the Greek Evangelical Fellowship of churches to provide encouragement and help for those churches that are caring for so many. We are also working directly with refugees to show and share Jesus.

One of our major focal points is Community House Damaris, a Christian organization that operates a safe house based in Athens, Greece, and offers a long-term recovery program (3-7 years) for women ages 18 to 35 and their children, who have been, or are, at high risk of sexual exploitation or trafficking. Most of the women are from North Africa and the Middle East. Grace Point continually sends teams and material support to the ministry. Our prayer is that these resources will help bring faith, hope and love to these women and children.

Complete the form above and indicate which trip you are considering, or contact us (link below) if you have questions.

ZAMBIA: New Day Orphanage

One in every five kids in Zambia is an orphan, mainly due to poverty and AIDS. In fact, 52 million orphans, or 30 percent of all the orphans worldwide, live in the 54 countries in Africa. The crisis is epidemic.

Wes and Laurie Wilcox and Blue and Darbi Tidwell began New Day Orphanage in 2010 to address the crisis. They founded New Day on three pillars:
1) Provide the children with a Christian worldview.
2) Provide the children with a quality education.
3) Retain the children’s Zambian culture.

Their goal continues to be to raise up Christian, educated Zambians to reach their country and the world for Jesus Christ.  

Grace Point Church was blessed to be one of the first churches to partner with and help in the building of New Day in 2010. At that time, New Day was just an open field deep in the African bush — and a vision. Since then, Grace Point has continually sent teams and resources to help build and support the ministry. Please pray for this ministry and for opportunities for these young Zambians to impact their country and the world for Christ.


The CALL in NWA was established in 2011 with the goal of bringing awareness of the needs of children and families in crisis in our community, and to provide support for foster families serving on the front lines.

A team of dedicated staff and volunteers (all of whom have either fostered children themselves or worked with children from hard places in some capacity) are available to answer all your questions about what it means to foster, walk you through the process of opening your home, and support you through placements. We believe that while God has not called all of us to foster, He has called all of us to do something. We look forward to working with you to identify your CALLing!