Proverbs 27: Finding Wisdom Through the Chaos - Nathan Waganer

Oct 25, 2020    Nathan Waganer    Proverbs 27:17
Proverbs 27:17

What does it mean to be free? How did Nathan define freedom? (Freedom is not the ability to do what you want; it is the capability to be who you were created to be.)

To be free, we must love our neighbor. (Galatians 5:13-15 and Mark 12:30-31). How can we as a group love our neighbors?

We are free to fill our calendars with whatever we want, but oftentimes we fill it with things that really don’t matter. To be who we were created to be, we need a community of believers. Do you find it difficult to make consistent time of biblical community a priority? Why or why not?

We were created for community. When chaos happens, or care and/or cultivation is needed, community comes through! Describe a time when your community has come alongside you in chaos, to care for you, or to cultivate (or sharpen) you.

Nathan used the illustration of a domino - linear and geometric progression. Faith isn’t linear; it’s geometric! The goal is to set off a chain reaction of disciple multiplication. (Note to leaders: Is there someone in your group who you need to lean into and challenge to lead a new group [and set off a chain reaction of multiplication]? Is God challenging anyone in your group to do this? If you’re bold, ask it!)

The domino illustration is also about discipleship. Think of the “someone who invested in you” (who discipled or is discipling you) and has challenged you to grow in your walk with the Lord. Take a few moments this week and write them a card to say “thank you” for investing in you.

At Grace Point, people can know God, love people, and live sent within a group. What does our group need to do to see all three of these manifested?