Mark 12: I Love People - Mike McDaniel

Sep 20, 2020    Mike McDaniel, Lead Pastor    Mark 12:31-34
Mark 12:28-34

Review what you can remember from the Sept 13th message as to what it means to KNOW GOD (the first commandment).

How does the 1st command of knowing God through a love relationship feed into loving people?

Mike said loving people involved getting into people's messy lives. How did Jesus model entering into our messy lives by loving us (Roman 5:8)?

Can you share a time when you were either in a messy situation or you helped someone in a messy situation that was a part of your church family?
Was it messy? Do you have any regrets for getting involved or having someone step into your life to correct from a place of love?

Read Mark 12:3. What is the standard for quality in how much or to what degree you are called to love other (answer: the same measure that you love yourself) Spend some time chewing on that. What does that mean? How does that affect how I view the ministry I am a part of?

Mike repeatedly emphasized “LOVE DOES.” Reread the verses and consider how “love does” (James 2:16; 1 Corinthians 13:4; 1 John 4:7-10).

What does the phrase mean to you: "Every member is a minister and every ministry is important."