Mark 12: I Know God - Mike McDaniel

Sep 13, 2020    Mike McDaniel, Lead Pastor    Mark 12:28-37
Mark 12:28-37

Mike said there were 3 core questions most everyone will ask in life: Who are my parents? Why am I here? What will happen to me when I die? Do you think these questions get to the core of life questions that most people will wrestle with in life?

Review with your group (either from the message or just from your own reading), how Jesus got pulled into a conversation about what was most important. How should Jesus’ clarifying what is most important clarity for us what should be most important for us?

Mike drew a Vertical line on a white board in his message what did the vertical line refer to?

Mike described us all as either living in a broken relationship or a restored relationship with God moving back to his perfect design through Jesus. You might ask everyone to classify which circle they are living in - God’s design or brokenness (Group Leader… be ready - some in the group may be in brokenness and afraid to admit it. Feel free to share the gospel and invite anyone in the group to move into a relationship with Jesus. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people in your group cross the line and entered into a relationship with Jesus during group meeting?)
Our love relationship is real and personal, but also expressed. Jesus calls us for a total-body and life-expression of our worship of him (Read Mark 12:30).

How can you love God in the 4 domains of our life: heart, soul, mind and strength? Be as practical as you can.
What is your next step of obedience?