Lead Pastor, Grace Point Church of Northwest Arkansas

About Mike

Mike McDaniel is Lead Pastor of Grace Point Church of Northwest Arkansas in Bentonville. He and his wife, Lori, started the church in July of 2001, having returned to the U.S. from church-planting work in Zambia with the International Mission Board. He holds degrees from Southwest Baptist University (BA), Mid-America Seminary (MDiv), and Dallas Theological Seminary (DMin). Mike and Lori have three children and five grandchildren. He is a certified Cross Fit instructor. 


By Mike McDaniel

For the first time in centuries, the Church no longer has a primary place in the cultural dialogue. Christian leaders living off old assumptions are struggling, while missional churches are discovering new ways to reinvent themselves, arrest the general decline, and become catalysts for new strategies for reaching non-believers. These new voices are are following the lead of the early church, shifting their focus to a missional model. The Resurgent Church will help church leaders who are struggling to find and incorporate this new paradigm into their local church body.


By Lori McDaniel

You Have a Purpose. God Has a Part for You to Play in Something Big.

You were created by God, called to follow Christ, and commissioned to make disciples. When Jesus gave this commission, it wasn’t a last-minute thought before he ascended into heaven. It was a mandate for all his followers to participate in a movement of God already in motion.

What is God’s will for my life?
Where does my life fit into God’s purpose?

If the idea that you have a purpose and mission feels daunting, keep in mind that you cannot mess up the story of what God is doing. But you can miss out on being a part of it.

The Mission of God and You will expand your missional view of the Bible and your biblical view of the world. You’ll traverse the globe and grasp the urgency of our mission. You’ll hear the stories of a great cloud of witnesses, both past and present, and gain perspective on how God has worked and is working. You’ll be challenged to leverage every season of your life to advance the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Don’t wait. God is inviting you to participate in the most significant movement the world has ever known.


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Love, marriage, and sexual intimacy are more than things artists sing about, poets write about, or actors portray. Love, marriage, and sexuality are beautiful gifts that God gave to his creation in the beginning of time. The world is full of endless ideas on how to improve our love life, our marriages, and add more spice to our sex life, but God gives us more than just ideas, he gives us a plan. Mike and Lori want to help you move beyond the surface of new-found love and dive into the depths of life-long love —love that soothes and satisfies, blossoms and multiplies, gives and receives, and reveals to us the divine design of what God intends for love, marriage, and sexuality.

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What draws you to your spouse may not be what keeps you with your spouse. Attraction doesn’t have to fade or die. Attraction can flourish to depths and dimensions most have never known.
Intentionally fostering and protecting your love relationship may be the most important role each person plays. Become aware of the “little foxes” that can creep in and destroy a marriage. Identify your vulnerability and nurture love as you protect love.
Let’s reclaim and redeem sexuality. The first commandment God gave humanity was to come together sexually (Genesis 1:28). Spice up the foreplay, enjoy the embrace and make love.
Conflict is an unavoidable reality in every marriage. Ending, resolving, and becoming better is the win in any conflict. Let’s learn how to have a “good fight.”
Anyone can experience a burgeoning “infatuation” kind of love, but can you share a fulfilling and flourishing love well into the years and decades?