Genesis 32: Alone...With God - Mike McDaniel

Aug 8, 2021    Mike McDaniel, Lead Pastor
Genesis 32:22-34

What kind of emotional state is Jacob in based on what you read in Genesis 32:1-7?

The text says that Jacob was distressed and afraid and he was alone (Gen. 32:7, 24). Share a time in your life when you were distressed, afraid, and alone. How did you find comfort? How did you cope with it?

Why do you think time alone and stopping the fret is a way God shows Himself to us? (read Psalm 46:10)

Can you think of a time when you spiritually wrestled with God over a decision, a direction He was calling you to take, or maybe like Jacob, wrestling with God being the leader of your life?

Jacob had his father's blessing and that gave Jacob blessings for living physically and emotionally in life. Why was Jacob so insistent on getting the blessing from God, the spiritual blessing? (Gen. 32:26)

What does a spiritual blessing give you that a physical blessing doesn't?

What two blessings come with the spiritual blessings? (answer: new life and redeemed past; see Gen. 32:28-32)