Genesis 40-41: Lonely but Not Alone - Mike McDaniel

Sep 5, 2021    Mike McDaniel, Lead Pastor
Sunday, September 2
Genesis 40–41:13

How would you rate you own personal, mental, and spiritual health on a scale from 1-10? (10 = Flourishing 5 =Languishing 1= depressed)

When you consider the ways that different people hurt Joseph (family, employer, and friends), how did Joseph’s prison friends show that they abandoned him (40:23)? Have you ever felt like you have been forgotten or abandoned?

How did God continue to speak and reveal truth to Joseph even while he was in prison? (in dreams and interpreting the dreams)

Read Genesis 40:14-15 and put in your own words the kind of pain you hear in Joesph's words? What kind of pain was he feeling?

Why is being patient with God important for our seasons of waiting?

When David wrote Psalm 13, what kind of prayer and reflections did he have about God and his waiting on God?