Genesis 33: Creating Sustainable Rhythms for Life - Mike McDaniel

Aug 15, 2021    Mike McDaniel, Lead Pastor
Genesis 33

Read Genesis 33 to establish the context for the group discussion.

When you hear the word “sustainability,” what do you immediately think about? If you could clear your presuppositions, what would be a good working definition of “sustainability?”

How does having a relationship with Jesus help you to live a sustainable life?

How does Jacob model humility? How does humility disarm conflicts? How did it disarm the 400 warriors of Esau coming to meet Jacob? (Gen 33:1-3)

Share a time you were upset - and someone came with humility - and it immediately lowered the temperature in the room.

What is a biblical response to conflict? Break down Matthew 5:23-24 in as many action steps as you can find (HINT: there are 4 imperative commands/calls to action in the two verses. What is a blblical response to people who continue to stir up conflict? (Titus 3:10)

Compare and contrast Esau’s speed in life vs Jacobs. (Gen 33:12-16)

Talk about which of the 4 tips to avoiding a fast and furious life resonated most to you.

Close by reading Gen 33:18… What does it mean to arrive at your destination SAFELY?