Genesis 39: Character Control – Mike McDaniel

Aug 29, 2021    Mike McDaniel, Lead Pastor
Subseries, "Break Free"
Genesis 39

Why is character so important? In your personal definition, what is character?

What does it mean when Mike said, "we cannot control the world but we can control our character?"

Why are character and trust inseparable?

What was it about Joseph's character that he was able to build trust so powerfully with Potiphar? (vs. 3)

How did Potiphar's wife test Joseph's character? (Leaders: use your discernment as to how deep you want to go into talking about sexual temptations. For example, if you're in a couples group, you might ask these questions: What are some other ways a person's character can be tested? How do you personally fight to keep your character in check from sexual temptations?)

Why do you think we are told and have it modeled in scripture to run from temptation? Should we not stay and stand our ground against temptation? (vs. 7-12)

Compare and contrast 39:3-4 and 39:21, 23. What were the different circumstances Joseph was in? What does this say about Joseph's consistency of character and God's consistency in our lives?