Genesis 26: Sibling Rivalry and God's Redemption - Devon Arredondo

Jul 11, 2021    Devon Arredondo    Genesis 26:19-34
Sunday, July 11
Genesis 26:19-34

1. Sibling Rivalry is at the root of this story - How have you seen sibling rivalry play out in your life or family?

2. Some theologians suggest that Issac and Rebekah chose to self actualize (realization or fulfillment of one's talents and potentialities) through their children. Do you see this in the story? What about in Genesis 27 when Rebekah helps Jacob be deceptive? If you are a parent, how does this impact your parenting?

3. Esau sold his birthright (a double portion of his father’s wealth and the leadership responsibility of being the eldest in a patriarchal society) for a bowl of stew - the literal translation is some “red stuff”. How have you seen your desire for instant gratification derail the things for which you are created? (Also see Philippians 3:18-19)

4. Read Romans 9:16. How does this scripture inform our understanding of both Jacob and Esau - Two men in Abraham’s familial line with all kinds of character flaws, supposed to bring about God’s blessing to the many nations.