Genesis 37: Broken Dreams – Mike McDaniel

Aug 22, 2021    Mike McDaniel, Lead
Sub-series, "Break Free"
Genesis 37

What observations do you make when you think about Joseph life map story?

Prosperity Palace Palace Freedom


Pit Prison Family/Famine

Have you ever considered the major chapter headings / changes in your own personal life story? If yes, share any insights you’ve learned from working through your own life story. If not, take a moment and think about what has been one of your highest highs and your lowest lows. What truth about God in the hills and valleys of life have you experienced? (Deut 11:11)

What was God’s plan for Joseph and how did God reveal his plan to him? (Gen 37:5-11). How did God’s plan for Joseph become a tipping point for his brothers' rivalry gone mad?

Can you think of other examples of people doing God’s will, yet experiencing deep pain along the way? (Job, Paul, Moses) Or other people in your own relationship circles?

Read Matthew 5:45. Why do you think God’s will for our life isn’t a pain free plan?

List all the ways that Joseph experienced pain from his family before his 18th birthday. Mike mentioned 11 different ways Joseph experienced pain from his own family. How many pain points can you recall. They are all mentioned in Genesis 37.

What are 2 ways of managing the pain while living God’s Plan?