Genesis 27: The Truth about Lies - Mike McDaniel

Jul 18, 2021    Mike McDaniel, Lead Pastor    Genesis 27
Sunday, July 18
Genesis 27

What is the biggest legacy passed down that you received from your up bringing ("the good" and "the not so good")? How are you amplifying "the good" and how are you correcting the "not so good" for the next generation you are influencing?

Brainstorm a list of different forms of lies or words for lying: keep them on a white board or in front of people for the entire time together so they can continue to refer back to them. Here is a starter list…manipulate, swindle, white lies, conspiracy theories, fake news, deceitful, 2 faced, misleading, delusional, etc

Read Exodus 34:6-8 and explain what are “generational sins.” Have you ever identified generational sins in your past?

Re-read Genesis 27:18-26 and trace the compounding lies in which Jacob is caught up. How have you seen lies compound in other people’s lives.

How has someone’s lies hurt you in the past? Can you think of a time you weren’t completely honest and when the truth was known what was the impact of the lies?

Why is truth such a irreplaceable element in a relationship?